About the Footprints 4 Sam Annual Charity Dinner

Come and celebrate, come and listen, as the beauty of hope and the joy of one child's legacy unfolds into a magical golden evening of music, fine dining, wine, art, and real-life stories.

Samuel John Frederick Platt, one special child, has raised a village – a village of individuals making a difference in underprivileged children’s lives. During 2018, children and families who are not only poor, but who also face the added burden of living with a life limiting illness, felt the impact of Footprints 4 Sam, a new charitable Trust giving tangible support where it is most needed.

Through Sam’s short life of just fifteen and half months, a legacy of change was born. A child called Sam, whose legacy footprints now radiate through South Africa and the world, touches hearts and lives daily. Footprints 4 Sam offers hope and change to many other families and children facing the rollercoaster of living with a chronic illness through 6 key initiatives. Help us to continue Sam’s legacy by supporting our second charity dinner in July 2019.

During our inaugural charity dinner held on 21 July 2018, over R600 000 was raised for the trust's key initiatives. The evening was extraordinary and we as Trustees, are still overwhelmed by the beauty of the event and the generosity of all who attended. With your help, plus that of our loyal donors and suppliers, this event will continue to grow each year and our fundraising for 2018 will be exceeded.

The Footprints 4 Sam annual charity dinner will be held every July, the month that Sam died, celebrating his legacy and turning the hardest month and day of Melissa and Fred’s lives (Sam’s parents), into something beautiful for other children.

In this way, as parents, they strive to turn their tears into smiles and their heartbreak into golden threads of healing.

In 2019, come and hear the stories of the children and healthcare professionals who have been touched by Footprints 4 Sam. Their tales will touch your heart and inspire you all to offer your own footprints for these children.

Please view the video of our inaugural charity dinner held in July 2018.


In 2019, our guests are in for a show-stopping act and a thrilling performance. Footprints 4 Sam is proud to announce that Rocco de Villiers is our featured artist for the 2019 Footprints 4 Sam Annual Charity Dinner event.
Footprints 4 Sam Performer Rocco de Villiers

Rocco de VilliersClick below to read more about this celebrated South African artist and other key performers at the Footprints 4 Sam Annual Charity Dinner 2019.

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Rocco de Villiers

Footprints 4 Sam is proud to announce that Rocco de Villiers is our featured entertainment for the 2019 Footprints 4 Sam annual charity dinner event. Melissa and Fred, Sam’s parents, met Rocco about two years ago at a corporate function where he was doing a private performance with an incredible violinist, Lizelle le Roux. During the evening’s performance, for the first time since their son, Samuel died, Melissa smiled. For a moment through their pain, Fred and Melissa were able to see slivers of hope and some beautiful moments of laughter and joy, simply inspired by Rocco and Lizelle’s incredible performance. That night, Rocco’s show was filled with pure musical brilliance and laughter, showcasing two amazing professionals whose passion for their craft was irresistible and totally inspirational. Fast forward to 2018 and Fred, Melissa and Rocco met up again, quite by chance, through Sam’s legacy at their Footprints 4 Sam inaugural charity dinner held in July 2018. Here Rocco, so touched by Sam’s story, very generously offered to work with Footprints 4 Sam as a charity artist for their next annual charity dinner. We at Footprints 4 Sam are so grateful for his generosity and for that of his team and fellow artists.

Rocco de Villiers is a South African pianist, producer, composer, musical director and cocktail connoisseur. He finished a B Mus (Ed) degree at the University of the Free State, South Africa in 1987.

Rocco is owner and director of ROCCOROCCOMUSIC (est. 2004) through which he produces all his stage productions. He has released 14 instrumental CD’s, 2 cocktail books, a live DVD and wrote and produced 35 instrumental stage productions. His latest release is a new cd album, KORTBROEK, LANGKOUSE. His previous albums BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL PIANO, and MORE BEAUTIFUL PIANO and STUNNING all reached either gold or platinum status. In 2014 Rocco also released sheet music, ROCCO DE VILLIERS BLADMUSIEK VIR KLAVIER VOLUME 1 of his own compositions. VOLUME 2 is due for release in 2019.

Rocco has been nominated and awarded a HUISGENOOT TEMPO, GHOEMA AWARD, VONK AWARD, SAMA, KANNA, WOORD-TROFEE and a CAPE THEATRE AWARD. He is also co-director of THIRD EAR SOUND which takes commissions for television, film and museum sound concept design. Rocco has recently written the score to an American film, BREWSIE & WILLIE, composed the theme music for 9 television series and has produced 2 television series and 2 documentaries for M-NET on the history of South African music. He was also a presenter of 2 series on kykNET, KOOK EN KLAVIER EN ROCCO, KLOP DIE KLAWERS and more recently series 1 & 2 of a music game show on SABC 2, BETER ASSIE BURE.

Rocco does more than 100 performances yearly, appears on television regularly and also performs as MC at many functions. He runs his own registered non-profit charity, TOUCH, which involves visits to old age homes and retirement villages to entertain the immobile elderly. He has now visited more than 150 institutions. Rocco is a collector of single malts, loves baked puddings and trains five times weekly.

At the Footprints 4 Sam Annual Charity Dinner 2019, Rocco will be accompanied by violinist Lizelle le Roux.

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Footprints 4 Sam Performer Lizelle Le Roux
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Our corporate supporters and suppliers are integral in helping us change lives. As we launch the next annual Footprints 4 Sam charity dinner for 2019, we thank you for joining Footprints 4 Sam in growing the success of this magical evening. All logos displayed are representative of those companies directly involved in the 2019 event - turning 20th of July 2019 into a beautiful, memorable and impactful evening of hope and change.